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The divorce process in California

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Divorce

Deciding on a divorce can be a difficult process in itself even before the legal work begins. It is helpful for couples who have made that hard decision to be prepared for what to expect from the legal divorce process. If you have concerns about what your divorce process will look like, understanding the basic steps of a divorce can help.

Begin the divorce case

To begin the divorce process, one of the spouses, or domestic partners, files paperwork to initiate the divorce process. They will need to provide notice to the other spouse or domestic partner of the filing. The other spouse or domestic partner then has time to respond.

Share financial information

The spouse that filed for divorce will need to share financial information with the other spouse. If the responding spouse is participating in the divorce process, they will also need to share financial information. Failing to respond to a divorce filing can lead to a default judgment being entered against them which may not be in the respondent spouse’s best interests.

Make divorce-related decisions

The spouses will then need to make important divorce-related decisions and some will be based on the financial information shared. They will need to decide how to divide property and debts and to care for their children. They will also need to resolve child support and any spousal support request.

Finalize the divorce

Once the spouses have resolved all of their concerns, they can submit their divorce paperwork to the court which will finalize their divorce.

The divorce process can be daunting but it may be less so if divorcing couples understand what is around the corner as they journey through it and how the family law system can help. Knowing the different steps of the divorce process is a good start.