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How can daters weed out bad potential spouses?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Divorce

For those still in the dating scene or those who are newly returning to it, finding potential long-term partners is a long, complicated process. And, unfortunately, with the nature of our new, fast-paced dating environment, we may find ourselves in long-term relationships that may not actually be the best for us. This is why it is so important to think about ways we can exit these relationships early. And, one such marriage material test was recently created (revealed) by a famous TikTok lawyer in Canada.

What is a marriage material test?

Creating a multitude of tests for potential spouses is not the way to find a spouse. Indeed, these types of “games” can actually push potential spouses away. As such, one should not actually be doing marriage material tests or creating artificial situations to see how the other spouse reacts. This is a quick way to destroy trust. However, what we can do is be cognizant of how our potential spouse reacts in normal situations to see who they are at their core.

What should daters do then on the first date?

First, as a general rule, pay attention to the date and what they say. This will tell you a lot about who they are, but unfortunately, the person who most of us are on the first date is not our true self. So, at the end of the date, offer to pay. This is not just for the guy. Everyone should do this, and then see how your date reacts.

What are we looking for from the date?

Los Angeles, California, daters should be looking for graciousness and politeness, not a sense of entitlement. If they offer to pay first, great sign. If they say, no, let me pay, that is also a good sign. If they act incredulous or give off an “of course” attitude, this is a bad sign because it shows entitlement. After all, no one is entitled to anything from anyone (unless under contract, of course), but this is especially true between two people who just met.

Entitlement may show from the very beginning

If our Los Angeles date is entitled, it is highly unlikely that the first time this will shine through is when the bill comes. Instead, this can be seen at the first meeting if they seem disappointed by the restaurant. Unless they have some allergy or a bad experience at the restaurant, the price of the restaurant should not matter. What they order can also reveal a lot. Did they order the most expensive item on the menu, including expensive wines and cocktails? Did they then act entitled to your payment? These are all red flags, which could indicate this Californian is not marriage material.