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Professionals who are divorcing have property, prestige at stake

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Property Division

Divorce is hard any couple in the Los Angeles area. However, those who work in the professional world may have special concerns which make the process even more delicate.

In particular, doctors, lawyers, clergy, along with noted entrepreneurs, business executives or government officials, may have every incentive to keep the details of their split private. Likewise, the many entertainers and athletes who live in Southern California may also have real privacy concerns when it comes to divorce.

On the other hand, even if the couple does not have children together, their divorces are often contentious just because they have a lot of complicated and difficult assets to divide. It can be hard to keep a divorce out of the public eye when the couple has ongoing disagreements.

Some degree of privacy is possible in a divorce

Under California law, divorces are, generally speaking, public records which citizens have the right to access. There may be some exceptions to this general rule, but a Californian should not count on her divorce being a totally private affair. Specific questions about this should be directed to an experienced attorney.

One way to ensure some degree of privacy is to attempt a settlement outside of court. There are a number of ways to accomplish this.

For example, a couple could negotiate an agreement on their own either informally or at a settlement conference scheduled for this purpose. They may also wish to try mediation or some other type of alternative dispute resolution, as these often offer confidentiality.

But a person will have to have a strategy for avoiding trial

If these options, fail, however, then a person will have to have his divorce sorted out by a judge in what will likely be a pubic and detailed evidentiary hearing.

Even in a complex case, it is still possible both to avoid a trial and to get one’s rightful share of property. However, doing so will take experience and legal skill. It is also requires persistence when it comes to understanding the facts and circumstances of a case.