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Why spenders and savers sometimes get divorced

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Divorce

The way that people look at money can often lead to divorce. It sometimes causes financial infidelity, for instance, where the couple isn’t honest with each other about how they are spending or using the family’s money. But sometimes the issue is just that they have perspectives that are not compatible, even when they’re being honest with one another.

For example, some people are spenders and some are savers. Spenders are much more likely to use the money that they have earned because they value those experiences. Savers are much more likely to keep the money because they value things like stability or long-term financial security.

Can these views co-exist?

Yes, these views can co-exist because neither one is necessarily right or wrong. Some may even argue that it would be best for couples to have a balance, where they value how they use their money and have experiences, but they still save money for the future.

But there are times when these perspectives just lead to increased conflict. Say that you are a spender and your spouse is a saver. Whenever you spend money, they may be very accusatory, almost taking it as a personal affront. Additionally, as they work hard to save money, you may feel that they are holding you back because you don’t get to have the experiences that you want in life. Since you have different overall goals, you and your spouse keep working against each other, leading to endless friction. 

In some cases, this can’t lead to divorce. Couples who are splitting up and are in a complex financial situation, certainly need to understand all of the legal options at their disposal.