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Family heirlooms to pay attention to during a high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2024 | Divorce

Family heirlooms often take the form of sentimental souvenirs. Whether it’s a worn-out book passed down through generations or a piece of jewelry with a history as rich as its design, these items encapsulate the emotions of those who have owned them throughout the years.

Unfortunately, when you’re in the thick of a high-asset divorce, it’s quite easy to overlook family heirlooms. These cherished possessions hold sentimental value and often represent substantial financial assets. Navigating the complexities of dividing such heirlooms requires careful consideration and strategic planning.


Family jewelry, passed down through generations, often carries profound emotional significance. In high-asset divorces, the valuation and division of these pieces can require some effort. Thorough documentation and professional appraisal are recommended to help ensure an equitable distribution.

Paintings and sculptures

Artistic legacies in the form of paintings, sculptures or handmade crafts embody the creative spirit of family members. These heirlooms not only showcase artistic prowess but also serve as a testament to the values and passions that have been passed down through the years. Getting artwork professionally valued can help to ensure that the value of a piece is accurately reflected in a couple’s property division agreement.

Antique furniture and collectibles

Antique furniture and collectibles contribute to the fabric of family history. These items, while rich in sentimental value, also reflect monetary worth. During a high-asset divorce, you should consider seeking the guidance of experts in antique appraisal to ascertain accurate values. This can facilitate a fair and amicable distribution during divorce proceedings.

From sentimental souvenirs to historical treasures, artistic legacies and jewelry, each type of heirloom contributes to the richness of your family’s story. Therefore, you should work with an experienced legal team who can ensure that you don’t lose these cherished items in a divorce. While most inherited family heirlooms are separate property that aren’t subject to division during divorce, there are exceptions to this general rule. As a result, safeguarding your interests as proactively as possible is generally wise.