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Can you run the family business with your ex?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2023 | Divorce

Running a family business post-divorce presents a unique set of challenges. Ex-spouses who continue to operate a business together must navigate their changed personal relationships while maintaining a professional working environment.

The decision to continue running a family business together after a divorce is often driven by practical considerations, such as the business’s success and the desire to preserve its financial integrity. However, managing a company with an ex-spouse requires a strategic approach to separate personal issues from business.

Setting clear professional boundaries

Establishing and maintaining professional boundaries is crucial. This involves defining clear roles and responsibilities within the business for each ex-spouse, ensuring that personal issues don’t interfere with business operations. Clear boundaries help prevent conflicts and enable both parties to focus on their professional duties.

Developing a formal business agreement

A formal business agreement provides the framework for managing the business post-divorce. This agreement should outline the terms of the business relationship, including decision-making processes, profit sharing and procedures for resolving disputes.

Maintaining open and respectful communication

Effective communication is critical to successfully running a business post-divorce. Ex-spouses should strive to communicate openly and respectfully, keeping discussions focused on business matters. Regular business meetings and structured communication channels can help keep conversations on track and focused on business objectives.

The primary focus should always be on the best interests of the business. Decisions should be made based on what will benefit the company, not personal feelings or agendas. Ensuring you have everything related to the business handled and in writing when you go through the property division is beneficial so both parties know exactly what to expect.